I might have a problem #SOL19 7/31

This is on my bedside table


I just finished Son of a Trickster last night, and I really enjoyed the way that that Indigenous narrator’s voice makes sense of his actions, which from the outside definitely look like those of a druggie kid failing out of school, and reveals the motives behind the appearance. It’s the first of a trilogy, and it felt like it – much of the real action doesn’t come until right at the end and it feels a little unfinished.

That book is sitting on top of these two. A Velocity of Being was a gift, and it is perfect in

img_8230many ways: it’s beautiful and has amazing illustrations, it has a nice heft to it and is a bit oversized without being as unwieldy as a coffee table book, and it comprises letters from all sorts of amazing writers. I am nibbling away at it steadily. Near that is Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine. I was about halfway through this lyrical, thoughtful contemplation of the intersection between science and religion, our desire for permanence and our experience of change, when I had to return it to the library because someone else had it on hold (sigh). Now I have it back, but I feel like I need a bit of a slower pace in order to really appreciate Lightman’s prose. I have it until the 15th and March break starts tomorrow afternoon, so I should be good.

The thing is, that those three are sitting next to theseimg_8231










which looks like this up close

So now you see the problem. I’ve kind of written off the ones in the right hand picture because they are holding up my alarm clock – so I’ve decided that they are more furniture than actual choice at the moment. And I’ve read almost all of the book on dyslexia; I just like to have it nearby in case I start freaking out about my child and many of my students having dyslexia, which I do on occasion. Four of the ones on top of that have been borrowed and I really need to give them back (sorry Tara, Debbie & Anthony) but I also really want to read them first. Anyway, they’re furniture now, so they have to wait.

Five of those in the left hand picture are library books. The EA who works in my classroom says that I am not allowed to check out any more books until I work my way through these. This makes perfect sense (which is one of the many reasons she is amazing), but my library hold list is pretty long, and I didn’t dare tell her that another one has already arrived at my local branch. Plus, they all look so good. And they come recommended. And they are so different! How am I supposed to choose which one to read next? Sometimes I nibble at a few and make a choice, other times I just pick up the one that looks right and dive in. Right now, I’m a little overwhelmed. I might have a problem.

The overwhelm is why my nightstand rarely gets this full. Usually the guilt overcomes me and I have to clear the decks. I get to feeling bad for the books sitting there forlornly, begging to be read, and I have to start returning them, whispering promises that someone else will come for them, someone will open them, turn their pages, love them. Sometimes I put them right back on my hold list, promising that I will take them back when the time is right.  But today this is my nightstand – any suggestions for which book I should start with tonight?






14 thoughts on “I might have a problem #SOL19 7/31

  1. Hi Amanda! I really like this idea for a post. It’s straightforward to write and everyone will find it interesting. I love examining the books on other people’s shelves – I think it’s a great way to get to know someone and quickly connect with them. I will definitely try this post myself sometime this week!

    I have to say that I am completely unfamiliar with all but the Roxanne Gay books. I’ve read most of the Bad Feminist essays, and I love her writing, so I would recommend that one!

    By the way, I realised that my name isn’t anywhere on my blog so I should introduce myself! My name is Julie. 🙂


    1. Nice to “meet” you, Julie. Now I have a name to add to the writing 🙂 Elisabeth Ellington is one of my mentor bloggers & she is great with forms/ideas. Last year, I felt like some of the form posts were cheating, somehow, then, first in desperation and later out of intrigue, I started trying some & I liked it. The “what I’m reading” post really is fun to write – though my stack is embarrassingly out of control at the moment. Can’t wait to read yours.


  2. I am intrigued by all your “waiting” books, but since I am not familiar with any of them I won’t make a recommendation – other than, “start with one.” Since you are excited about all of them you can’t make a bad choice.

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  3. Ooh, this is always a good problem to have! I just got You Play the Girl from the library. I should start it too! I also don’t think there is a bad choice here. Such a variety too. Many of these I would find FAR too stimulating right before bed. I need a certain level of slow (maybe even boring!) before bed, LOL.


  4. I shared a post last Friday (I think) called “Where’s the Snow.” In the post is a copy of 19th C pen sketch of James Russell Lowell’s study. The books were in piles everywhere… So you are in good company!

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  5. I felt this post on a visceral level (plus I love the idea of asking people for help with a problem to get more interaction). My chair table looks exactly the same way. To offer some advice– If you are in the mood for a fast read, start with Dan Gemeinhart. His books are always adorable and engaging and really quick reads. Pick up my girl Shirley Jackson (so underrated!) if you want scary and twisty but with thought-provoking insights. Definitely a bit slower and more meaty, but also unputdownable.

    If you need to rage at the machine and smash the patriarchy, start with Roxane Gay. Nolite te bastardes carborandorum! Good luck and happy reading!


  6. What a great problem to have, right? I have “Some Kind of Courage” by my bed. I loved “The Honest Truth” and was so excited to read this. I started it and was really enjoying it but got the “Oh…I think this is going to be very sad” vibe and stopped…for a bit…with full intentions to return to it sometime…I think…In the meantime, I have tons of other options, but wow, you have a lot of scary choices by your bed! I can’t go there, but my family does and enjoyed SEVENEVES and The Haunting of Hill House. Happy Reading!

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  7. You and I need to get together for dinner some time. Also, I am kind of mad at you because now I have to add more books to my TBR pile. THANKS! A! LOT! 😉 (I just got another one from Amazon today even though I promised myself that I would not buy another professional book until I’d finished the other 5 (or 7) on my nightstand. But The Voiced.ca bookclub for Literacy Essentials is starting soon so of course I needed that!)


  8. My favorite part in your delightful post was how you described the guilt you have when a library book takes up residence too long- untouched!
    My eyes were drawn to two books in your stack – so I would choose The Rise.

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  9. When do books become furniture? That’s a good question. “they are more furniture than actual choice at the moment” made me LOL! And of course all the books are recommended. Have you ever met a book that has not been recommended by someone?

    I tried moving a few books around my desk today so I could blow some crumbs off.

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