An old friend called #SOL19 18/31

I was online, writing a blog post and commenting on as many Slice of Life posts as possible, when the computer rang. I am old enough that I usually use a phone for conversations, so I was startled. Also, I was still in my pjs because it was the last day of March Break and I was savouring my tea and my morning. When I saw his name on the screen – a wonderful old friend – my mind flashed, “What if it’s a video call? I’m not ready!” but my heart said, “BOBBY!” and I picked up the call.

“Hello Mandy!” I could hear the smile in his voice, and I smiled back because this unexpected call, after – what? five years? – made me happy before we even started talking.

We chatted about families, changes, life. Our conversation was mundane, too particular to us for me to share, too universal for you to need me to share: you already know everything we said. We haven’t seen each other in 10 years – 10! When our oldest children were babies! Where is that picture? – but it mattered little. Time got slippery as we talked – we were there in our youth, we were here in our middle age, we were looking forward to the time that still stretches in front of us. Half an hour passed before I noticed.

As we hung up, my heart expanded to fill my chest. I was completely full of this particular moment, of this friend, of this friendship, and I was happy, just so happy that he called.

I took my cup of tea and my messy hair, walked away from the computer and stared out the back window at the snow-covered ground for a few minutes before I went back to my day.