Another reason why winter needs to end #SOL19 6/31

Tonight, my son’s friend stayed for dinner because we were having homemade pizza. Afterwards, the boys played on their devices for longer than I meant to allow. As I shooed him out the door – homework! bedtime! – I filled his arms with his iPad, the book he wanted to borrow, and a dozen fresh eggs for his mother. I asked if he had gloves. No. I reminded him to be careful. Ok. Could he manage all these things? Yes. Say hello to your parents. Goodbye!

He left.

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed. His father:



I’m blaming the enticing snow banks, not the 10-year-old. After all, winter will end before the kids grow up.



21 thoughts on “Another reason why winter needs to end #SOL19 6/31

  1. What a great slice….I can picture the whole thing – the pile of things in the child’s arms, the thought of sliding, the eggs flying and, in slow motion, crashing to the ground…’s just great!

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  2. First of all, this kid sounds like me – if you’re not carrying at least one device, a book and some food you’re not doing it right. Secondly, “fresh eggs”? Did you get some chickens for your city backyard after all? Very sweet and funny piece and your last two lines are perfect.

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    1. Hahaha – didn’t even think about the relationship to the chicken story. In this case, our head custodian brings fresh eggs in to the school once a week & does a booming business!


  3. Love the “TM” at the end of the text! LOL I have a vivid picture of this entire encounter, including the slip, the crash of the eggs, and the dad trying to pick them up. LOL


  4. I was wondering how far he had to go! Two blocks…oh, the life of a 10-year-old boy! I’m sure the iPad fared well (and I’m hopeful for the borrowed book). The father’s texts are just delightful, and it makes me wonder what would happen if my little LA students (who never see snow) had the same two blocks…

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  5. So, so funny! Nothing dull about parenting! I’m guessing the iPad was better off than the eggs? BTW, I love how the text message is the slice.

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