Cat nap: Slice of Life 29/31 #SOL20

I am sitting in my bedroom trying to take advantage of some quiet focused time to write. Our internet connection is flickering in and out, and I’m not getting much done. Frustrated, I look up and catch sight of a minor miracle: our two cats are sleeping together. img_2984

Tippy and Hera are each, individually, wonderful cats, and I like to tell myself that they are secretly fond of each other, but I’m not 100% sure that they agree. I’m not even 50% sure they agree. They are sisters only because we chose them at the same time at the Humane Society. They are both calicos. Their resemblance more or less ends there. But now – will miracles never cease? – they are *grooming* each other.


This will almost assuredly end in a fight. It pretty much always does. I’ve been parenting so much for the last two weeks that I am highly attuned to “things which usually end in fights.” I wait. They settle. I am stunned.

And then, just like that, Hera is done. She gets up and leaves. Look at Tippy’s shock.img_2989-1

I imagine she’s thinking, “But I was being NICE. WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?” To be fair, pretty little Tippy is not usually nice. Hera was probably smart to leave when she did.

And Tippy doesn’t seem too bothered by it all. She settles back in for a nap, moving to the center of the chair seat, her rightful spot reclaimed.img_2990-1



14 thoughts on “Cat nap: Slice of Life 29/31 #SOL20

  1. Regardless of whether or not they get along, both kitties are gorgeous. I had a Calico cat growing up. Her name was Cricket. I want another kitty to keep Hero company, but I don’t know how Snug would survive another feline intruder. We do live in strange times, so maybe these two kitties will become best buds.


  2. This window into the interactions of the cats in your warm and loving home says so much about your capacity to see delights in the world. Again, the efficiency of your descriptions allow the characteristics to shine through – a lovely slice of cat life!


  3. Cats are the best. Next time I am adopting 2 at the same time. I’m quite sure my cat would love some company about as much as your cats do. I can’t do that to a new cat!


  4. That look on Tippy’s face when Hera leaves. Priceless! This is such a wonderful little slice capturing the rare detente between frenemies. I feel like I get to know both cats through the details you share about them and through these photos, which tell a story all by themselves.


  5. I’ve been parenting so much for the last two weeks that I am highly attuned to “things which usually end in fights.”

    From my experience, it all ends in a fight. Good to know it’s not just me!


  6. That bit about tuning into “things which usually end in fights” made me laugh. Have you thought about contracting yourself out as a canary in distance learning’s video-conferencing coal mines?

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  7. I am loving all the pet stories over the last few days (have you ever noticed how writing ideas fall like a blanket over several of us at one time?? Like in Big Magic?). Your cats are gorgeous and the story so well-told. The photos set it off perfectly.


  8. I love your little guys. So cute, and the way you describe their relationship is delightfully entertaining. I am not a cat person due to allergies, so I don’t know cats that well, but you have me hooked here!


  9. Too cute. Your kitties are so pretty! I remember when we still had 2 cats, the grooming was almost always followed by fights! It was pretty predictable Harry, the older alpha, would lick, lick, luck, BITE. and off they went!


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