Piano: Slice of Life 19/31 #SOL20

Today we decided we had to move the piano. We had to move the piano in order to set up the work area and plug in the computer. We have to plug in the computer because sometime soon we are going to have to start working from home. This week is our March Break, so everyone has been off; next week, reality will hit. We’re going to need that computer.

Unfortunately, the piano was here:


You can totally see the piano, right? Just back there under the blanket. I mean, no problem at all.

Obviously, I hid upstairs while Andre tried to clear enough space to get it out. I got a lot done upstairs.

Eventually the path was clear and it was time. We tried to slip sliders under the piano’s feet so that it wouldn’t gouge the hardwood floors. Only it turns out that the piano has wheels. Great! Wheels! We maneuvered it away from the wall. Um… it was still leaving marks on the floor. Time to use the sliders after all.

“The backside is heavier. Let me just lift it up and then you can slide it in really quick.”
Groan, gasp, quick intake of breath.
“It’s ok, try again. It’ll fit, but that angle’s not going to work.”
We started to giggle. We are terrible.

After all our work, the piano rolled off the sliders during our first good push/pull. Now what? We looked around… carpet remnants! After another slightly naughty conversation and an awful lot of lifting and sliding, we got the piano’s wheels onto two carpet remnants. Now all we needed to do was slide it down the hallway and into the dining room.

Actually, let me amend that slightly: we needed to slide the heavy piano on two random pieces of carpet down a narrow, freshly painted hallway without marring the newly refinished hardwood floor.

Our 11-year-old, lured by the siren song of his parents struggling, came to perch on the stairs and watch.

With our first heave, the piano slid right off one of the pieces of carpet. Undaunted, we pressed our now-laughing child observer into action: his job was to squat between his father’s legs and keep the carpet roughly in place. Andre pulled; I pushed.

“3…2…1… GO!” Down the hallway we went, inches at a time, over the treacherous air intake grate, past the door frame, narrowly missing the bit of wall that juts out for no discernable reason.

“DAD! Your bum is in my face!” We ignored Thomas and pressed on.

Hours (ok, minutes) later, we were in the dining room and near-ish to the piano’s final resting space. We paused. Only one challenge remained: get it into the corner.

We pushed one side back, Thomas vigilantly ensuring the carpet remained in place. Then the next. Then the first side… the second… there! It was in. Now to remove the carpet. We held the middle and one side and tilted the piano a tiny bit and… voila! The carpet came out. The second side was even easier.

We stood back to admire our handiwork. Thomas cocked his head to one side and said, “You know, I’m not sure it really goes in this room.” Then he laughed like a maniac and ran down the hallway and up the stairs.

That piano is staying where it is.






16 thoughts on “Piano: Slice of Life 19/31 #SOL20

  1. This made me laugh out loud: “Obviously, I hid upstairs while Andre tried to clear enough space to get it out. I got a lot done upstairs.”

    I love your writing voice. You do dialogue SO well.


  2. This cracked me up from start to finish. I loved how you first hid upstairs, then giggled like naughty teens, and finally ignored your son’s “butt in face” complaints. A wonderful moment brought to life. Thanks for the bright note in my day.


  3. Oh my, I could feel every grunt and groan and naughty joke between you and Andre! You are terrible in the most wonderful way and Thomas’ statement about it not fitting in that room sound so familiar. I loved this window into your day!


    1. Finding another place for the computer would be like admitting defeat! Seriously, though, we need to actually get things where they are supposed to be… no time like the present.


  4. I can totally see the piano—in the second photo. I notice you didn’t say what you accomplished upstairs. 🤔 Congratulations on a successful piano move. I can totally relate to this scene given some of our lift and move endeavors.


  5. I love that you have a hilarious memory from something that only happene because of a pandemic – way to find the silver lining in your day. The question I am wondering is, “Does anyone in your family even play the piano?”


  6. I had to move my grandmother’s piano a couple of times and YEAH, there’s wheels – not to mention that it was raining the last time and that old finish spots easily … only you could make moving a piano hilarious, Amanda! (and, good strategy working upstairs, just sayin’).


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