Listen – grrr #SOL19 12/31

We have a multi-part problem in our house and it is driving me crazy.

Part 1: I am sensitive to noises. I can’t stand repetitive music from the on-line games the kids play, music played on a loop in a restaurant, or slow drips and other ongoing pings and dings. They make me a little nuts. I also startle easily at loud sounds, a truth which delights both my children and my students.

Part 2: Our adorable cat Tippy *loves* drinking from running and fresh water of any sort.



Part 3: I believe that we should be conserving resources of all sorts. You know, environmentalism and all that.

Part 4: My husband, in particular, is a sucker for making creatures happy.

He even takes care of the hamster.

This is generally a wonderful trait, but…it leaves us, all to often, with this:

And now it’s March break, so we’re all home together and it’s happening all the time. Help! We need a solution asap.


22 thoughts on “Listen – grrr #SOL19 12/31

  1. You’ll miss the noises when you have total silence, I write as an animal laps water and licks body parts.

    Good luck. Can animals be trained to okay the quiet game?

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    1. You know, I can’t imagine the silence that I know will come one of these days – and I can’t even train my *children* in the quiet game; pretty sure I’m not up for cats yet!


  2. Timely you posted this. Something in my bedroom was making a sort of drip drip noise overnight and it was driving me crazy! I can sometimes tune something like that out if it is a regular beat, but this was very random. AHHH!


  3. Ha — you will never have total silence. How about noise reduction earphones for you?? That could work — sounds like you have lots of greats things making noise in your life. Hang in there!


  4. I treasure the quiet like never before. I often drive to work listening to nothing. I never watch tv. My husband is the opposite. As soon as he gets home, the tv goes on. Cherish it when you can find it!

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  5. Tippy needs her faucet! How adorable! Chipotle just tried the faucet for the first time this week and got water in his ear and his nose and had a big sneezing fit. And Tippy is GORGEOUS! More Tippy please!! And that hamster! My goodness! So tiny! I also need plenty of SILENCE and my son literally never stops talking or making noises as long as he is awake. I wake up very early and sit in SILENCE to start my day right. (Also, formerly feral cats are QUIET. I’ve never actually heard one of the four feral kittens meow at all, and she’s two years old!)

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  6. The build-up of your story through words and pictures and, finally, the sound clip provides a wonderful multimedia tour of your ‘battlefield.’ Consider reading Poe’s poem “The Bells,” having a good laugh, and counting blessings you’re not (yet) that narrator.

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  7. This rings a bell. Growing up I had this problem with sounds, like the sound of someone eating an apple or the sound of someone (my father) eating really soggy raisin bran in the morning. I actually felt like I was in pain. Dripping faucets is a new one, though. Not on my list. I liked the list format in this. It had a sort of crescendo. I read an article recently that was not really on this topic, but it had a specific kind of anger mentioned, and it connected to sound. It, too, rang true for me.


    1. That article is FASCINATING. It is freaking 10:43 pm in the middle of March Break and I feel like my life might have just changed a little bit. Wow. Also, that 2-sound anger? Um… yes.


      1. I had the same reaction. I know for a fact that I am triggered by that exact 2-sound overload, when the dog is barking and someone is trying to say something important right when I get home. I have to say, now that I know it, I actually think it makes a difference.

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  8. Love your slice… Really love your presentation. Each section like a steady drip, giving us another piece of the story, handing us a different lens. I have tinnitus… and the noise I hear in silence drives me crazy.


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