It takes all kinds

Every morning my older son, T, leaves the house at about 7:40 and walks half a block to pick up his friend R. Together, they walk another half block to pick up their friend F, and then the three of them walk together to school. These three have grown up together: they were born within 10 weeks of each other; they attended the same daycares, the same preschools, and now the same elementary school; they have sleepovers together, go to camps together and read books together. They are each the oldest in their family, and when they were babies their mothers (me, my friends) spent hours and hours together trying to make sense of our new world. They could not have more in common.

So this morning, when my guy had trouble getting out the door, I texted my friends to let them know he was running late. You see, the elementary school has this thing where the 4th graders have to give a short speech to the whole school – in French. The project was announced last week, and my son is really struggling with it. There have been a lot of tears (but he swears he is NOT afraid), and since they don’t give the speeches until April 17, I expect there will be more tears. As a parent, I don’t know quite how to help except to love him, offer what support I can, and remind him that he has done hard things before and he can do this one, too. And then I send him to school.

I’ve been assuming that his buddies are equally nervous about this BIG SPEECH. So today, I sent a text as he ran out the door, late. The responses from my friends – immediate, of course – made me laugh out loud with their clarity. Please meet our three children, friends since birth, practically the same age, who live within 100 metres of each other:



It takes all kinds, my friends. It takes all kinds.




Slice of Life, Day 27, March 2018

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful month of inspiration.

20 thoughts on “It takes all kinds

  1. The struggles of public speaking for one are nothing to another, and then there is the one who hasn’t even mentioned it. Yes, children are all so different. It’s wonderful they have one another and you have mom friends too.

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  2. That text is hilarious! I’m sure it sums up the three kids and their unique personalities. The line that stands out here is when you say you don’t know what to do, except keep loving your son. He will get through the speech with yo by his side!

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  3. What a wonderful way to share the connection between these “forever friends” and how they individually can be quite different. Great Slice!

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  4. Oh, I totally laughed out loud at this one! This is probably why you all are such great friends and the friendship has lasted this long, as you all complement one another (which could also be said for your son and his friends!). What a great group of friends to have! I hope there are not too many other tear-filled moments (this would definitely be my son too!) and he’ll make it through this okay. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this and for starting out my day with a laugh!


  5. Hahaha!!! Perfect. When I read your slices, Amanda, I don’t dare skim or skip anything. You build it so well and every word, every phrase counts. I must tell you, your ending statement is what made my laugh become audible.


  6. Goodness, I remember how hard it was to learn French. And I started in the seventh grade -! I stand amazed at 4th graders doing such a thing. What a gift it is, too, that the friends have each other – his AND yours. Oh, that last friend of yours … we all have one … gotta love ’em! 🙂

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  7. Oh my goodness. That made me laugh! You’re right he’s done hard things before, but it is so hard to watch them work through these struggles. It’s good he has you — and his friends.

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