The Slice of Life Challenge (Day 3; my day 1)

So. Welcome to me.

I have decided to participate in the Slice of Life Story Challenge, and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I have to send a permalink to someone, somewhere and… I’m not sure. But I’m doing this anyway because I have wanted to start a teaching blog, and I have wanted to write daily, and I have wanted to participate in a virtual community of educators, and so far I have done none of these things.

I am like my students in this way: I have so many excuses about why I can’t write.
And I am also like my students in this way: I can be impulsively enthusiastic about something that I may or may not be able to finish.

When one of my students is ready to leap into the unknown, I often ask them to think about the possible consequences of their choice: what good might come of this? what are the downsides? what might happen if you fail? what will happen if you don’t try? what will you learn?

Well, there’s not much downside here. I figure out how to create a permalink and where to send this permalink and then… I try. I try something new. I try something I have wanted to do. And I might fail – but I might not. And either way I’ll learn something.

So. Welcome to me.

Slice of life today:
Drive. Drop. Pick up. Shop.
Stir. Mix. Spread. Whisk.
Roast. Steep. Bake. Simmer.
Read. Dress. Kiss. Love.
Talk. Think. Create. Write.
Then sleep. Sweet sleep.

2 thoughts on “The Slice of Life Challenge (Day 3; my day 1)

  1. So glad to discover your blog this morning! I am happy you decided to start that teaching blog. Such rich thinking and learning throughout your posts so far. I love the little slice poem here too. Totally stealing that idea for later in the month. This is my 3rd year slicing, though I’ve had my teaching blog for a few years more than that. The community is what keeps me slicing every March.

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  2. Thanks for commenting. I am completely shocked by how shy I am about publishing. Guess that explains why it’s taken me so long to start this. I am also loving (ok, that’s a lie, I am – um – “appreciating”) how much I’m learning by doing this. Good Lord, the reflection! Day 9 (and I started late) of 31. I’m going to learn a lot this month, but I’m about 99% sure that I’ll keep going.


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