Open Tab Poetry #SOL23 10/31

Sherri’s slice today inspired me right away; in it, she lists the titles of her open tabs. “Well,” I thought, “that is truly a slice of life.” I knew I wanted to try the same thing – not least because it would be easy, right? Ha. Writing is pretty much never exactly “easy”: first, I got all judge-y about the number of tabs I have open. (It’s a lot.) Then I got even more judge-y about the quality of my open tabs. And then I got judge-y about my judgy-ness. Harumph.

I stared at my list and wished I could change it. Moments before despair set in, I realized that, of course, I could change it – because that’s what writers do, they change words, and I’m a writer.

So I present to you the equivalent of book spine poetry except now it’s “open tabs poetry.” And because I just made up the genre, I decided that when you write it, you can use parts of the tab titles & just cross out the other bits. Also, I decided that I would use tabs as titles for each poem, too. Now I present to you three of the world’s first-ever “open tab” poems:

My Honest Poem

A Trick of the Light
Poetry Couture
if this is therapy, then i am all in

The Reading Performance – Understanding Fluency through Oral Interpretation

32 Million U.S. Adults are “Functionally Illiterate”
21 Lives Lost Invitation to Submit
No Time to Waste
What If Schools Truly Partnered With Families Living in Poverty?
Designing Trauma-Sensitive Classroom Management Strategies
I want to change the world, one proficiency sequence at a time

5 Exercises to Keep an Aging Body Strong and Fit

Art – Jarret Lerner
March Madness Poetry Bracket
Thinking About How Visual Images Support Writing
Reading Visual Texts with “The Call”
Memoir Writing 101 handout

12 thoughts on “Open Tab Poetry #SOL23 10/31

  1. Such a clever slice! I love that you shared the crossed out text so we got the full picture. I had to start peeking through my open tabs. So many of them are slices from the challenge, so there are all sorts of great titles. Thanks for sharing the rules! Hmmmm….

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  2. Oh wow…I don’t even want to think about the tabs, and the hidden tabs, but this poetry idea is clever….I just wonder what it might say about my current (in)attention.

    These lines are my favourite part before the poem: “Then I got even more judge-y about the quality of my open tabs. And then I got judge-y about my judgy-ness. Harumph.”

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  3. Ananda! You’re a genre creator. I love this and did not expect to see one of the lines I saw. I’m sure you know which one. I should write a post about that w/ the invitation. I honestly think you should write this up for English Journal or if you do t want the hoop jumping, write it up for California English. I think Carol Jago would love it!


  4. So fun! I love your list for keeping the body fit-wish that was all it took! I want to change the world too…amazing that you were able to produce these thought producing snippets from open tabs!


  5. Wow, wow, wow! Love what you made out of a little spark! Thanks for the shout out. Turns out, being surrounded by and immersed in texts of every imaginable type offers the possibility of putting new words together on a page while also sending us to the mental woodshed and back about whether we are creating anything of value. I salute and acknowledge your internal judginess in the process. Right there with you on that!


  6. Love it! The exercise on “The Call” is amazing, by the way, but needs scaffolding (at least for my kiddos, who didn’t understand the symbolism of Slim Shady and Eminem throwing lines at one another)


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