Something nice #SOL21 26/31

“I want to write something nice,” I say. “I’ve written so many negative things lately.”

My husband nods. He suggests a haiku. I reject this. I declare it “not good enough.” He gives me a knowing look, “Not hard enough?”

I protest: “Good haikus *are* hard.”

“Not long enough?”

Harumph. He knows me too well. “Let’s just watch tv with the kids and I’ll write later.”

Now it’s later. I need to write. “Something nice,” I mutter again. My darling husband says, “Here, I’ll help” and he begins to dictate a poem.

“It’s an acrostic,” he tells me.


I try to convince him to change some of the words. Astringent? I suggest admirable instead. He tells me that it doesn’t “fit with the tone.”

By now I am laughing and, for no discernible reason, he has begun to sing “Domo arigato Mr. Roboto…” I have no idea when I last heard this song. One child has come back downstairs and asks what domo means. Now they are discussing Japanese. And I’m writing and laughing and it’s Friday night and even though I’m tired this is better, this is good.

Tomorrow is his birthday. When I don’t know what to write, he gives me ideas. He has both an excellent vocabulary and a good sense of humour. And at the end of a long week, he makes me laugh. My son, who is sitting next to me, says I should add “he’s really good with the kids” – high praise. I don’t write about him enough because his stories are not my stories, but he’s the best partner I can imagine.

And here: I’ve written my Friday slice – and it’s something nice.

Thanks to who welcome writing whether or not it’s nice.

12 thoughts on “Something nice #SOL21 26/31

  1. Oh, we are so blessed, those of us who have partners like this. The three men in my life (17, 20 and 50) are sitting with me in the living room (20 is briefly home to help with syruping) and having a tangential but fascinating discussion about how to move the freaking boat in the Suez. Perfect Friday night in my world. Happy birthday to one of the good ones.


  2. You’ve created a family portrait here, and a beautiful one at that! I love the way you’ve captured the banter between you and your husband. Thanks for having me over for a Friday night visit–it was nice to leave my house and spend a moment in yours, even if was virtual! Here’s hoping your weekend is filled with many nice things and many such moments.

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  3. This is great. I think my family should get an award for tolerating my “What should I write about today?” refrain. I love he suggestions and the understanding–too easy? too short? Read: not worthy? What a nice kid to add the “good with the kids” line. By the way, Congratulations on the Mentor Prize. Well deserved. I hope you have a great chat with Jen Seravallo. She’s a wise person and a really talented teacher.

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