Grumpy #SOL21 16/31

I had a grumpy day. First of all, this is supposed to be March Break & it is not. I reserve the right to be fussy about this all week. Both boys woke up grumpy and whiny. I woke up grumpy, too, so I couldn’t even say anything. We ran out of eggs for breakfast. It was colder than I expected outside. I nearly missed an important meeting. It was just one of those days.

I planned to write before I went to school, but I ended up helping with a last-minute assignment for *someone’s* grade 7 class. I planned to write when I got to work, but I had a meeting that I nearly forgot. Then I got sidetracked. Then… well, I stayed grumpy, so I didn’t write.

I took my daily walk, but my heel hurt for the beginning of it. Still, the walk was the right choice: I started to ungrump.

When I got home, I called some friends and used words that would have made my grandmother blush. That actually helped a little. I went to EduKnit Night via zoom – always a good choice – and crocheted a little. I snuggled with my kids. That helped, too. Hera came to love me up – or at least to love up my laptop – while I wrote. And, finally, I realized that I wasn’t grumpy anymore, just tired. So I posted this and went to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

You can write with even when you’re grumpy.