Grumpy #SOL21 16/31

I had a grumpy day. First of all, this is supposed to be March Break & it is not. I reserve the right to be fussy about this all week. Both boys woke up grumpy and whiny. I woke up grumpy, too, so I couldn’t even say anything. We ran out of eggs for breakfast. It was colder than I expected outside. I nearly missed an important meeting. It was just one of those days.

I planned to write before I went to school, but I ended up helping with a last-minute assignment for *someone’s* grade 7 class. I planned to write when I got to work, but I had a meeting that I nearly forgot. Then I got sidetracked. Then… well, I stayed grumpy, so I didn’t write.

I took my daily walk, but my heel hurt for the beginning of it. Still, the walk was the right choice: I started to ungrump.

When I got home, I called some friends and used words that would have made my grandmother blush. That actually helped a little. I went to EduKnit Night via zoom – always a good choice – and crocheted a little. I snuggled with my kids. That helped, too. Hera came to love me up – or at least to love up my laptop – while I wrote. And, finally, I realized that I wasn’t grumpy anymore, just tired. So I posted this and went to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

You can write with even when you’re grumpy.

15 thoughts on “Grumpy #SOL21 16/31

      1. Fun! I’m not awesome at it but getting better. The very first blanket I ever started 25 years ago is now finally almost done! Lol! But, for some reason, just in the last couple months, parts of it have been unraveling. It’s horrifying. Between a friend and me, we have been able to patch it but it doesn’t look great. But at this point, if it gets finished, in any way, I’ll be happy. It’s for my daughter.

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  1. Your week has not gotten off to a good start. I am curious as to why you didn’t get your break?? Snow days? I love the term “ungrump!” I do hope tomorrow is a better day!

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  2. I am sorry that you are missing your break, but kudos to you for turning your day around – even just a bit – and managing to crochet while slicing every day. My croschet has been on hold for the entire month! Your slice is real and heartfelt and your honest struggle – with hope just below the surface rings true. And you have a beautiful kitty 🙂
    Peace to you.

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  3. I love “ungrump”! Stealing. And, the power of those furry creatures to “ungrump” us, indeed. Hera is stunning. Just the idea of EduKnit Night on Zoom makes me smile. But, wait. Why isn’t it March break? I’m super grumpy about that now. Is this a Covid thing? Ugh.


  4. I too loved ungrump. I also empathized, some days you just have to sit in the grump. Why no break? Will you get one eventually? They took our April break last year. I k ow we had no where to go, but I remember feeling the need to log off.


  5. I think everyone is just so tired of the unsettled feeling of this pandemic, even with new routines, it’s just not the same! I’ve definitely been grumpy (at least once or twice) in the past few weeks – but kudos to you for finding ways to change your mood!


  6. “I started to ungrump.” This line ungrumped me and I now think we have a new word for 2021. You never cease to amaze me with all that you juggle and manage and you still find the time to do what matters to you – walking, photography, knitting, child minding, reading, writing, cooking….I’m exhausted. I think new beginnings, like spring, are great ungrumpers.

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  7. Yikes! No break makes me feel grumpy all the way from here! We used to say the kids had a bad case of the “can’t help it’s ” when they were having a stuck-in-the-grumps day like yours. Although yours has much more basis than there’s did. I’m so glad you knew the right choices to ungrump and hope the ungrumping sticks!


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