Calico Capers #SOL21 10/31

A photo essay of Hera (left) and Tippy (right). They would like you to know that they are not blood-related.

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17 thoughts on “Calico Capers #SOL21 10/31

  1. It’s so incredible to me that they are this unusual looking and NOT related. I feel like each of them is a constant insult to the other. This is also a great series of photos and extraordinary that you need only three to tell the entire story of their dramatic relationship.

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    1. In person (in cat?) Tippy is a tiny dilute calico with tipped ears and Hera is a large calico (who steals her sister’s food) – so they don’t look quite so much alike. But as for each being a constant insult to the other… it’s as if you have met them. Hahahaha

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  2. I couldn’t resist. I love cats too! My slice today was about my missing kitty. I wish I had taken more photos of her Your pics do tell a story, even if they are not blood sisters. They are friends.


  3. We have one cat. She is 17! I think our next cat will not be an only. We tried once to add a second cat to the house and she was not having it. But if we had two at the kitten stage together I imagine it would go better.

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  4. What beautiful kitties! I love how that trio of photos shows so much about their interactions. I take way too many photos of my cats 🙂 Perhaps I can put some of them to good use during this challenge.


  5. Awww! I am inspired by your photo essay. Boy, could I find a million of them to share of my Miss Frida. I also fostered some kittens last summer, who so perfectly matched the coloring of my dog, that everyone was convinced I should keep them (um. except me). I love the idea above of asking the students to make up dialogue.


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