Home again, home again #SOL21 4/31

I woke up with a tiny bit of a sore throat and a foggy sort of headache. I hadn’t slept particularly well (possibly because I literally dreamed up a really great assessment for next week – it’s going to be excellent!), so I was sure that everything would be better after a cup of tea and a shower.

Downstairs, I turned on the kettle and fed the cats. While I waited for the water to boil, I closed my eyes and put my head on the cool kitchen counter. I was tired. Once the water was hot, I tried to bustle around the kitchen, getting the morning set up, but my bustle was more of a shuffle. Time for that tea.

By the time the rest of the family was in the kitchen, I knew the truth: “I have a tiny sore throat and I’m a little tired.” Meaningful glances ricocheted around the table. The messages were clear if cacophonous You need to get a test – you’re not allowed go to work if you have even one symptom – she’s not going work – hey, that means we can’t go to school – oh no, we can’t go to school – oh no, now they are ALL going to be home while I try to work. Only my partner spoke, “You need to schedule a test.” Which means we would all need to stay home. This was not how I had envisioned my day. I groaned, but I knew he was right.

While I made an appointment – plenty were available – the ten year old slithered out of the kitchen and slyly installed himself in front of the computer, volume turned down. “I’m checking my Google classroom,” he said when I found him, “but there’s nothing for me to do.” A pathetic attempt to justify Minecraft at 9am; I found several unfinished assignments to keep him busy. The twelve year old, already dressed and ready to go, texted his walking buddy to say he was staying home, opened his laptop, and pulled up a project. “I’ll go ahead and finish that slide show I’ve been working on.” My partner checked on everyone then went to work in what was the guest bedroom but is now his office.

And me? Well, I got a covid test with no waiting – and realized that I haven’t been tested since early November, which means I haven’t felt sick at all since then, so I’m trying to feel lucky. If I can’t muster up “lucky” I can at least fall back on “fine.” I’m giving it a 99% chance that the test comes back negative, hopefully in time to send both kids to school tomorrow, but this is what it means to be part of keeping the community safe. (Update: negative & the kids are off to school.)

355 days. It’s been 355 days of watching for symptoms, of staying distant, of reminding each other of what it means to work together. I’m tired – and it’s not just from a poor night’s sleep. I really hope that my next visit will be for the vaccine. Until then, I’m hoping for lots of early bedtimes and lessons that plan themselves when I’m not trying to sleep.

Thanks to https://twowritingteachers.org for hosting this annual challenge


13 thoughts on “Home again, home again #SOL21 4/31

  1. Such a great slice of life right now. It’s almost an instruction manual for what to do when someone doesn’t feel right! Good luck and feel better quickly!


  2. My husband gives me a sideway glance whenever I cough. Knock on wood, we’ve all been healthy since we all got a cold in the early fall. Your mind races to all these new crazy places. Your family adjusted quickly and made choices that show you respect the boundaries in place to help keep others well and safe. I hope you feel better and you can all get back to your own work spaces soon.


  3. It is such a different type of tired isn’t it.
    I wish for your plans to magically write themselves too! Rest when you can my friend.


  4. It is such a drag having to obey the rules and go through the process that of course involves everyone in your household. I am quite sure you will be negative and let’s hope it’s the last test you need to have!


  5. So glad your test was negative. Is staying home ever not work of some kind for a teacher? The one thing my state has done right w/ Covid is putting teachers in the first responder group, so they’ve been vaccinated. Hope you get it soon.


  6. I’m so glad to hear the tests were all negative, and I am amazed as such quick results! That’s one of the advantages of living in a big city I suppose – they are taking 3-5 days here for most, as much as 7 for some. I hope you were able to get some rest.

    355…that number feels so heavy.


  7. We just finished a round of self-quarantine at our house. My daughter had one symptom, and we had to get her results back. I hope that you feel better now and glad that you were negative.


  8. Your story captures the reality of this pandemic so accurately. We are all so worried anytime we get a sniffle or headache. I was happy to read that fortunately your test was negative. Hopefully you will receive your vaccine soon.


  9. Oh goodness. Even though I know it has almost been a year since all of this started, seeing the number 355 just really, really brought it home. We are troopers. All of us. One silver lining of being out of the classroom for most of those 355 days, is that I have not been sick at all. I am typically sick 3-4 times during the school year, just being in the Petri dish that is the classroom. The day before we went back hybrid this week, I had the worst sore throat, and I realized I haven’t had a Covid test this whole time. I think it was Pavlovian, and I am feeling fine now. I’m glad that you were able to get tested so quickly, and I am happy that you are well. But, get your booty to bed earlier and stop dreaming about school! Haha. I hope you can get your vaccine soon!! Also, I loved the line, “meaningful glances ricocheted around the table”-I hadn’t thought of the domino affect one symptom would have on an entire family. Yikes.

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  10. I suspect self-driving cars will arrive in our lives well before self-planning lessons. Before either of those, though, more vaccines, please — and get well soon.


  11. I know what you mean…355 days and sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re still here. Glad you did the test and maybe got a bit of extra rest. I feel like I’m sleepwalking right now.


  12. This is the reality we are living in. I’ve tested 4 times and all have been negative and finally I got my first vaccine shot. I don’t know when I will feel relief, though. I hope your test is negative. I should check your more current posts. Catching up.

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