We did it ourselves

Um, you all, guess what happened? Two of my students “didn’t have anything to do” last night so they went to a bookstore and created book spine poetry. Then they took pictures of the poems and brought them to class.

THIS IS AMAZING! I wish I could do a little dance right here in my blog. This is true application as implied in the moniker “Applied” for this stream of English.

Zoe and Marta said I could share, so here are their poems:


6 thoughts on “We did it ourselves

    1. Honest to goodness – I am so excited. And today’s lesson… well, let me tell you… I’m going to have to post about it. Elisabeth, one of these girls does. not. read! (The other is an exchange student.) It is astonishing!


      1. Even better! She hasn’t identified as a reader–and here she is voluntarily going to a bookstore and making book spine poetry! Can’t wait to read about today’s lesson. Now… what books have you given her to try?? Bookmatchmaking is my favorite thing ever!


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