Puzzling #SOL23 29/31

I came home tired. Scratch that: I woke up tired, even though I woke up before my alarm went off, which I thought was supposed to be a sign that you’re getting enough sleep. I’m here to tell you: that truism is false. Anyway, I was still tired when I came home. There, that statement is more true.

Even though I was tired, I went for a walk because, thanks to Lisa, I have walked at least a mile every day for 1045 days, and a little fatigue is not going to end that streak, thank you very much. While I was walking, it started to rain and, as I got home, the rain turned to snow. I silently railed against the weather. For pity’s sake, it’s the end of March.

I came inside and shook out my jacket. I should have sat down to plan tomorrow’s lessons – the grade 9 class did not even come close to finishing what I had planned for today; the reading class got distracted by – wait for it reading (yes, I did an internal happy dance while I pretended that was totally normal for them to ask to read a news article) – but now I was tired and slightly damp, so instead of working on work, I found myself listening to a podcast and working on the puzzle that has bedeviled me for several weeks.

Hera came to “encourage” me by covering up one of the unfinished spaces.

I persisted. The kids came home. Andre came home. Andre left with one of the kids for a father-son dinner out. I kept puzzling. And I finished. Here it is:

Look, I’m still tired, but I finished a puzzle. Seems like a reasonable outcome.

10 thoughts on “Puzzling #SOL23 29/31

  1. Look at that beautiful helper being so…. helpful! Cats are one reason I haven’t opened the puzzles I bought for myself to try to determine if I’m a puzzler. I anticipate Zorro and Pickles running off with the pieces. But I suppose I won’t know til I try. And yes to saying no to work at home!


  2. Amanda,
    I feel you! I often say, “I’m tired of being tired.” The struggle is real. Will you feel better about the rain if I tell you it snowed here last night and again this morning? I could just cry. Anyway, love the puzzle. It is gorgeous, and I can tell Hera was a huge help!

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  3. I came for Hera! The teaser you left on Elizabeth’s comments led me here. The puzzle is nice too. I still wake up tired some of the time and I’m retired, for Pete’s sake!

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  4. Amanda, I have been so, so tired for days on end…I felt like I met myself in your post. i love the setting aside the lesson plans for the podcast and puzzling… the very thing you needed at the time. It was a means of problem-solving even though you were tired. The photo of Hera is priceless – and that puzzle! It’s fabulous! I should think the sense of accomplishment and closure is worth a LOT. Truth is – we all need a break.

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