Pure love

7:47am I should be getting ready for work. Correction: I should be ready for work. I should have done some yoga this morning. I should definitely have checked that Mr. 11 wore boots when he left for school. But it’s cold and I’m tired and the semester is coming to an end and my tea is warm and…

A sudden blur of brown and white flashes outside our sliding glass door. Our cat, Tippy, rises from her bed, looks out, does the cat version of rolling her eyes, and settles herself disdainfully back on her perch. Her sister, Hera, puffs up her tail and retreats towards the other end of the house, indignant.

Indigo has come for a visit. She is our neighbour’s Boston terrier and she regularly comes over to remind us that she needs to love us – or that we need to love her. Unclear. She tears out of her backdoor, bounds down the steps, across the yard and up the stairs onto our deck. Once there, she skids to a halt somewhere near where the door opens and sort of hurls herself at the glass, hoping we’ll be there.

If we are home and open the door, her whole body quivers with excitement. Sometimes she accidentally starts to roll over before she gets all the way into the kitchen. Sometimes she runs in, does a wild loop around the kitchen island, and then throws herself gleefully onto her back while she wiggles her butt, already anticipating a good belly rub.

She never stays for long. After a good pet, I say, “Go on, go home” and she bolts back out the door and over to her house, happy.

I’m happy, too. Since I’m already standing, I grab one more sip of tea and start gathering things for work, trying to love myself as purely as that nutty dog loves me.

12 thoughts on “Pure love

  1. Oh, look at that sweet pup! Adorable!
    Let me tell you, I’d be a dog person if I weren’t allergic. As in, I’d probably have several of them! My daughter (also allergic) is like the dog whisperer. They LOVE her.


  2. Amanda,
    This is so sweet and a good reminder of how we should love ourselves and others the way dogs love us. I’m not feeling lovable today. It’s cold. I’m tired. 2022 is ofc to a sh*tty start, so I needed the catharsis of a frolicking puppy post.


  3. I’m in raptures over these photos! You nailed the essence of these little dogs with your descriptions – a Boston Terrier lived in our neighborhood a few years ago and once the exuberant creature came barreling through our front door when we we opened it to go outside. Frightened us half to death; such a blur we couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was at first! It wanted to play. Precious post. Each day brings us the gifts we need to keep going. Indigo inspires me from afar.

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  4. This is a great way to start the day. I love the disdain/disgust of the cats… and the fact that you can be both a cat person and a dog person. I’m not sure I could handle the aloofness of a cat. I like the drive-by feel of this, though. Does Indigo make other stops in the neighborhood? Our 95-pounder has the same expectations of adoration. He bounds onto our bed each morning and does a very ungraceful somersault to expose his belly for the morning massage. It’s cute to us, but probably would be a nightmare for anyone who wasn’t a dog person.

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    1. Indy has a particular fondness for me, apparently. She loves everyone, but bounds down the street to see me & only comes to our back door. It makes me feel kind of special. And Farley probably deserves the adoration he seeks. 😉

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  5. The line about trying to run in the door while trying to roll over? Pure magic. And yes, this is how much we should love ourselves, our world, and each other. Thank you.


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