Up again

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He’s up again. I tucked him in, sang him songs, kissed him. I hugged him one more time and promised to check on him later.

But here are the footsteps on the stairs, the pause in the next room, the little blond head peeking around the kitchen doorway. “Mama?”

Just one more kiss.
Just one more hug.
Just one more snuggle.

Up we go. I run through our relaxation routine. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in and make your body hard as ice. Breathe out and melt. Melt your toes, your feet. Your ankles, your calves. We move up his body, melting into the bed.

I melt, too. I move with him into a space of quiet. Our breathing is even. It’s time for sleep.

He’s down. And now I’m the one who has to get up again.

11 thoughts on “Up again

  1. I love these moments! At night I hear my 5 year old get up, the wander around for a minute for deciding to just climb in bed with me. And I’m always too tired to make him go back to his own bed!

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  2. The footsteps on the stairs. The flash of curls. I know this all too well. You captured your love here. I wish all of these moments in our house went like this. I need to try the melting trick. ❤️

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  3. Such a beautiful capture of what was sometimes a hard time for me as a parent. Now that my sons are 22 and 24 I really miss these sweet moments. Thanks for taking me back!

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  4. I think that bedtime parenting is some of the most powerful and important parenting that we do. I am usually not at my best at the end of a long day, but I try to be fully present. I loved the way the end returned to the beginning with a twist. Loved the use of fragments. You just write so beautifully. Always a treat to come here and read what you’ve written.

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