Ready or not: time to bloom

When I woke up this morning, my job description included teaching Special Education and Grade 10 Applied English. We’re six or so weeks from the end of the semester, so I assumed I would continue apace through June. Not so. By the time school started this morning, I had become a Literary Arts (aka Writing) teacher. (And also, of course, because teaching is a little crazy, I’m still a Special Education and Grade 10 Applied English teacher.) I teach at an Arts Magnet school, and one of our teachers can’t finish out the school year with this class. I have been asked to step in.

Am I ready? I’ll admit that I’m nervous and also pretty darn excited. To think: I started this blog a mere two months ago. Two months ago I challenged myself to actually start the writing I’ve dreamed of doing; two months ago I started sharing my thoughts in public; and today here you are, reading this. And here I am, getting ready to teach writing. Is two months (plus umpteen years) enough time to call myself a writer? It’s going to have to be.

Here’s what I know: Yesterday, the crocuses in my yard bloomed. They’re sneaky ones, those crocuses. We’re on the shady side of the street, so things take their time coming out. One day, the yard is completely brown and dead-looking; the next, purple and white blooms appear, fully-formed, seemingly out of nowhere. I know that they did not spring from nothing: they’ve been pushing up through the warming earth, making their way skyward long before I am able to see. They’ve put up tiny green tips under the leaves, sheltered from the cold, testing the air. And when it’s finally time to blossom, they have no reason to hide. The blooms are exuberant, wholehearted, and suddenly it is Spring.

Here’s what I think: I’m a shady side of the street sort of writer, coming along in my own time, tentatively testing the air. Am I ready? Not sure I have the choice. Once Spring arrives, it’s time to bloom.

Just about every Tuesday I blog for the Slice of Life challenge over at Two Writing Teachers. You can read more posts on that blog.

28 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. What an opportunity. I love the metaphor of the crocus. Now is your spring, and whether you think you are ready or not isn’t the issue, is it? So much of life is like that. Here’s to the last six weeks of school and your newest challenge.

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  2. I really love the line “I’m a shady side of the street sort of writer…” We all come along in our own time, and never feel we’ve “arrived” at the height of our writing prowess, but I believe that’s a great thing because it keeps us striving. All along you were being prepared for this! I bet you’ll love it and here’s to many stories in that regard!

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  3. SO JEALOUS! This is a great way to push yourself as a writer, and as a teacher of writers. I look forward to hearing more about this as it goes along. What grade? I would love to spend a part of my day with grade 9-12 writers. 🙂

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  4. Wow! That will be quite a change. I like that you see this as an opportunity though…
    Congratulations on getting yourself out as a writer. I think you are already in bloom!

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  5. Love the analogy – you are ready for sure and those kids are lucky to have a reflective, lifelong learner for their teacher. Onward!

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  6. I’ve been reading your blog regularly since you started your own writing journey, and I’ve noticed you do teach writing. I’m not sure anyone is ever completely ready to teach writing, but those students are in good hands w/ you. And you have a support system among those of us who have become fans of your clever, fresh posts. YOU GOT THIS!

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    1. THANKS. Now… if I can just figure out how to deliver this curriculum in 7 weeks… GAH. Seriously, though, it’s going to be a fun challenge. Will definitely be blogging about it…


  7. Here’s what I know: if you teach anything like you write (and, having read your blog for awhile now, I know you’re a fantastic writer), you’ve already got this in the bag. I know you will do great! You were ready from the time the snow first fell and landed on you and now you’re even more ready to reach toward the warmth of the sun and grow tall. You are SO ready! Best of luck to you!


  8. Congratulations and add my voice to the chorus as well!! There’s so much evidence of your ability in this post and in all the others you’ve written. My Inbox is overflowing (and overwhelming), but your blog is one of the few new ones I subscribed to during the challenge, because, as Glenda says, your posts are clever and fresh. You’re clearly a passionate, reflective teacher and a wonderful writer (Love that crocus analogy!). I also appreciate the fact that you offer powerful, thoughtful feedback to others. Lucky students! Enjoy this new writing adventure. I can’t wait to read about it!


    1. Thanks! It’s already shaping up to be an adventure. I’m 100% sure this experience will hit the blog at some point… taking over for a teacher who is ill is always a challenge.


  9. I guess the way I’d see it is that you’re Ready with a capital r because you’re clearly qualified and passionate about writing, so even if you’re slightly less ready with a small r because you’re in a room with people you don’t know yet, you’ll make it work. They’re lucky kids. I hope it goes really well. It happened because of this blog.


    1. Thanks. I hope it goes well, too. So far, they are sort of happy to see me (because they have had a lot of subs) and frustratingly 14 (because they’ve gotten out of the habit of writing). I need a good project asap and I have no time to prep! Will keep you up-to-date…


  10. You’ve got this! Love the analogy to the crocus. The preparation for taking on this class has been with you. You are enough. Believe in yourself and the students will thrive.


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