Best laid plans #SOL22 22/31

I had a plan for today’s post. I don’t always have a plan – ok, I almost never have a plan – but today I did, so today’s writing was supposed to be easy.

I had time to write today’s post. I don’t always have time – ok, I almost never actually have time – but today I did, so it was going to be easy.

I had everything I needed to write today – but you know where this is going: I just couldn’t.

I woke up this morning with a sore shoulder and, despite my ministrations, it migrated. By lunch my sore shoulder was morphing into a headache. I took some ibuprofen, because lunch is in no way the end of the day, and migrating muscle pain doesn’t usually get better on its own.

My now painful head laughed at the ibuprofen then dared me to keep working. I tried – I really did. I made it through the school day. I took my daily walk. I even went to knit night. As I did each activity, I told myself I would feel better and then just, you know, use my fancy plan and have a blog post in no time.

This did not happen. My head hurts. My shoulder still hurts (which just seems unfair, honestly. If pain is going to migrate, should it not leave the place it began?). My poor brain is completely unwilling to tell any story except this one, and I’m not even 100% sure this one makes sense.

So I guess now I have a plan for tomorrow’s post; tonight’s plan has become “go to bed.”