How to make banana bread

It’s a lovely quiet summer morning. The kids are still asleep and your partner is somewhere in the house. You shuffle into the kitchen, put some water in the tea kettle and turn it on. While you wait for the water to boil, realize that you could might as well mash the four overripe bananas on the kitchen counter. Find a bowl (just under the cupboard with the mugs) and mash. 

Mashing bananas only takes a minute, so the water is still not ready. Turn the oven to 350 and add an egg to the bananas. Decide to replace the sugar with honey because you have an awful lot of honey right now. Check quickly to make sure that honey is a one-to-one substitute for sugar. It is! Add ½ cup of honey and – because the water is almost ready – use ⅓ cup canola oil instead of butter today. 

The water has boiled. Spoon out the tea leaves and set the tea to steeping.

Put a dash of vanilla in the mix. Oh, and maybe a dash of salt. Add 1½ cups of flour right on top of the wet mixture. Sub in some whole grain flour for some of that because it’s healthier, right? Um… double-check the recipe on the post-it on the fridge. Where is it? There! Behind a receipt. Receipt… recipe… receipt… recipe…

Our time-tested banana bread recipe – more or less

Yes: 1 tsp baking soda. Dump it on top of the flour. Go ahead and add 1 tsp of baking powder, too. Gently stir those two into the flour so they don’t clump, then give the whole mixture just a few strokes so it’s moist.

The tea has steeped plenty long enough. Take out the tea leaves and set them aside.

Check the cupboards for extras. Today you will throw in some unsweetened coconut, a generous handful of walnuts and another of chocolate chips. Grease a loaf pan, pour the batter in, and pop it in the oven.

Add some milk to your tea. Start to sit down and realize that if you don’t set a timer, the bread will burn. The recipe says 50 min but the honey is sticky… Go for an hour.

Pour a cup of tea, sit down and read.

When the next person comes into the kitchen, agree that the bread does, indeed, smell wonderful.

(I love this banana bread recipe. I’ve made it a million times and it’s both easy and flexible. It makes great muffins, too – though do NOT cook those for an hour! The honey in today’s bread made for a really sticky loaf, so I can’t call it a resounding success, but it still tastes pretty good.)

14 thoughts on “How to make banana bread

  1. I got up and made the current house muffin, because I was eating the last of the last batch for breakfast, and Mr 18 would need something to take for lunch at work (because it’s not really lunch without something home-baked, at least in the summer). The joy of having time, in the morning, to go….oh, hey, I should do that. (while the tea is steeping). Thank you.

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  2. Aren’t these relaxed mornings the best?? I’ve been doing yoga each day after my walk and I love it! I have three books on the go, and yet have not cleaned my kitchen. When I do I’ll have to consider some banana bread! YUM

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  3. Mmmm, delicious, I can just about smell it, nothing quite like making and eating banana bread (especially that overripe bananas don’t need to be wasted!). As you say it’s calming and soothing. We have heaps of little lemons at the moment (really annoying to juice but otherwise soothing!), so have been making a lemon cake most weeks. Enjoy your holidays!!

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  4. I loved reading this slice! Banana bread is a special thing in my family. I first tasted it as an exchange student for a month in US when I was 18. The host mom showed me how to make it, gave me the recipe and sent one bread with me to my homeland. So every time I bake the banana bread, I am transported back in time. I still use the basic recipe I received forty years ago. 🙂

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  5. Not only do I have the scent of banana bread in my brain now, I also have a lovely mentor text for writing about a recipe. Love recipe, receipt, recipe, receipt, repeat…


  6. I love how you took us on your bread making journey. And such an easy recipe, so I copied it down. Thanks for sharing. (And isn’t fresh tea leaf the BEST tea?!!!…even for iced tea!)


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