And then… #SOL19 31/31

I woke up this morning and came downstairs to write my last slice for this challenge. I settled into the chair with the broken back in my corner of the kitchen table, now cluttered with papers, pens, a random playing card, some knitting – more or less abandoned since the beginning of March – and inexplicably, a hammer. I turned on the computer.

And then I decided I needed to make tea. So I did.
And then I decided I should read some other slices to see what people were writing for this last day. So I did.
And as I read, I really wanted to write back. So I commented.
And then one of the kids needed some help with a game. So I helped.
And then, since I was up, I decided to start the laundry.
And then one of the boys’ friends called and invited him to go to a bike park. So I encouraged him to get ready.
And then since he was getting ready, I got dressed and ready, too.
And then the father said I should come see the bike park. So I did.
And then I came home and my husband went out and I decided it was time to write. Again.
And then I realized just how tired I was. So I took a nap.
And while I was napping the phone rang and the cat came in and my younger son needed some help.

And now I’m downstairs again, and I’m writing.
And this is my life. It is busy and full and complex. It involves people and trade-offs and interruptions of all sorts. It is loving and active, sometimes overwhelming and often joyful.

And this is what slicing every day for a month has taught me this year: that this is my life. And I can still write. I can write every day if I decide to. Or not. I am allowed to be a writer on my own terms in my real life. I can write around the edges and through the middle and in the spaces in between. It still counts.

And then I realized that I am a writer.

What a gift from Two Writing Teachers who created this amazing space to help us become writers, learners and, most of all, a community. Thank you!


17 thoughts on “And then… #SOL19 31/31

  1. Isn’t it such a great feeling being a writer?! Especially in all the busyness of life…I like how you’ve described your day and how one thing leads to another and is so full of stops and starts and other distractions, but then in the midst of it all, you can write!

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  2. And then people who shared some of the same issues, in general, if not in the particulars, read the writer’s writing and thought, “Well, if that’s what it means to be a writer, then perhaps I’m a writer, too. And then that reader commented, describing that connection, and the writer and reader had met in what Madeline L’Engle describes as the bridge of meaning. And it was good.

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  3. I have tried and tried to come up with a regular writing schedule, and it hasn’t happened. Maybe if it was my full-time job I’d manage it better. You are definitely a writer and I am glad you find snippets of time when you can write and share your writing (even if their is a mysterious hammer in your writing spot!)


  4. You are a writer! And I can totally relate to the busy life…

    And I can still write. I can write every day if I decide to.

    What a lesson to have learned through this year’s journey. I am grateful you have decided to write and share with all of us.

    This morning- I thought of you, pushing yourself to comment on 20+ posts and I commented on a few more posts than usual. I will make that my mission as I continue slicing on Tuesdays and into next March.


  5. If you hadn’t written this conclusion, I would have, “It is loving and active, sometimes overwhelming and often joyful.” Your life is you and all that goes with it. But we enjoy when you invite us in.


  6. I loved this post and loved reading the comments. You are so right – you ARE a writer and even when busy, you can still write! I also loved your conclusion – bravo for showing up!


  7. “I can write around the edges and through the middle and in the spaces in between.” I am writing this on a post it and keeping it on my computer because it is true. Our lives are busy and full and loving and without all of it, I am not sure what I would write. Thank you for being not only a writer – but a writer who shares which is the greatest gift to your fellow writer!


  8. Yes, yes, yes. You most definitely ARE a writer. You don’t need us to tell you that, but I think this little community is a lovely, safe place to practice being one and to find encouragement and feedback to continue. My favorite line here: “I can write around the edges and through the middle and in the spaces in between. It still counts.” A perfect summation of this journey we’re on (since we can’t quit are jobs anytime soon and truly know what it’s like to live and breathe the stuff of writing). I think I can’t help but look at the world through the eyes of a writer; it’s the sitting down and capturing it part that’s hard for me. I’m about to move on to the nap part of my day (after I finish with the commenting part of my day). Writing is bound to happen somewhere in between the dog grooming appointment, the tax signing, seeing “Mr. Caramel Eyes”, and the reading my new book part of the day. I’m jealous that you’re done. 🙂


  9. My favorite line also is “I can write around the edges and through the middle and in the spaces in between. It still counts.” This sounds like my life. I appreciated the vivid detail of your workspace (the hammer!!). As I peruse my own space, I see Legos, Monopoly money, origami, and a bag of dried apricots. Looking forward to reading more from your blog!


  10. I love your blog 🙂 I love that you share your writing with us. I love reading about the slices of your life; in a way, they are the slices of all of our lives. Keep writing, writer!


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